Manufacturers of industrial press covers

We supply all felts, foams & gauzes for perfect pressing results.

Over 3000 patterns for many makes of presses.

Welcome to Quality Press Clothing

Established in 1999 we have 23 years of experience in supplying everything you need for EXCELLENT PRESSING RESULTS.

For a quality finish to all garments, it is essential to have the correct press covering. All our press coverings are manufactured in house, with over 3000 patterns you can be sure we can match your needs.

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Bespoke made outer press covers available in a range of fabrics and all made in-house.

Outer covers are made in separates or many variations of 'All In One' pads.

A wide range of felts and foams for all presses as well as stainless steel gauze.

Over 3000 patterns.
For a wide range and makes of industrial presses.

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